Lush Photos

Miscellaneous Live Photos

This series of beautiful early photos of Lush are owned--and were photographed by--Jo Brooks, and she has graciously allowed me to reprint them here. I urge you to visit her web site, which has photos and interviews of many other bands.

1990-Oct-27   Sheffield - Lead Mill

New Cross - The Venue

1991-Oct-21   Bradford - University

Windsor - Old Trout

A particularly beautiful photo of a very young and very happy Miki, standing before her effects pedals and chatting with the crowd.

1995-Nov-16 - Bath, Moles



Here are some more great shots which are not identified, either missing the date or venue or both. Some of them may also be duplicated on other pages.

San Francisco

No Date or Venue


 Dedicated to the memory of Chris Acland  

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