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   Lollapalooza and Spooky Tours 1992
These fantastic photos–46 in all and not in any particular order–are screen captures from personal videos shot throughout 1992 on the Lollapalooza and Spooky tours by Pete Bartlett (Lush's live sound guy and later the producer of Lovelife), providing a rare 'behind the scenes' glimpse into life on the road. The VHS video was generously provided by Phil King and I thank him for allowing me to post these screen captures here.
Miki talks about Pete's tour video:

"I remember a few months after the Lollapalooza tour, Pete invited us all over to his house to watch his tour footage. I vividly recall eating make-it-yourself tortillas and then we sat down and watched.

The reason I recall this in such vivid detail is that about 15 minutes in I just couldn’t bear it any longer... I had no idea that I behaved like such an arsehole on tour and watching the footage was like being at an AA meeting and having loved ones show you a video – “THAT’s what you’re like when you’re drunk”.

I did end up watching it all but on my own at home and cringing behind my fingers trying to blot out the horror."

Having seen this video myself, I can attest Miki is being too hard on herself - her behavior was perfectly reasonable considering the circumstances! These stills do not capture how much fun they were all having, its pretty amazing to watch.

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