Lush Photos

Life Before Lush

A very rare pre-Lush photo of Miki and Emma
at an early My Bloody Valentine show in London, circa 1986

This was discovered in 2013 by Dani L, while looking through old MBV photos - she spotted "two girls that looked exactly like Miki and Emma!" I asked Miki and Emma if they remember when/where this was taken, and they responded:

Emma: "Oh wow, what a photo!! Lush wouldn't even have been formed at this time - Dave Conway was still the singer of MBV. I have no idea where this was taken."

Miki: "Blimey, I've got no idea. Looks like the venue is held together with gaffer tape!"


For a fun look at day-to-day life during the earliest days of Lush,
check out David Baker's photobook Lush - The North London Poly Years

There is also a great video of Emma playing bass around this same time in The Rover Girls




 Dedicated to the memory of Chris Acland  

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